Nutritional Therapy

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To book this treatment please call the centre on 0161 881 7171 or call Francesca Smith direct on 07739 120858.

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Product Description

Nutritionist: Francesca Smith.

Nutritional therapy is not just about healthy eating. It is a form of complementary medicine which incorporates appropriate diet, fluids and supplementation, together with natural healing techniques, in order to help the body repair and restore itself naturally.

Nutritional therapy is probably the oldest form of medicine in existence. It is much more than just healthy eating and taking vitamins. It uses many special diets and nutritional products. When knowledgeably applied, it can be much more effective than ordinary medicine, especially in preventing the recurrence of long-term health problems
Nutritional therapy treatment is ‘holistic’, which means that all levels of a person are taken into consideration: physical, mental and emotional.

For more details please contact 07739 120858.