April 10, 2016

* Friday 15th December therapists available are; Galina, Ana & Jamila

Galina is available; Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays until 5.30pm. She’s qualified in; Reflexology, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Hopi Ear Candles & Swedish Massage. Fully booked one appointment left tomorrow at; 3PM. She’s fully booked today!

Ana is qualified in Reflexology, Swedish Massage & Thai Yoga Massage. Appointments available today 2PM until 8PM & tomorrow afternoon.

Jamila is qualified in Swedish Massage. Appointments available today at; 1PM, 2PM & 6.30PM.

Foot Massage, Spa Foot Oil Treatment.Therapist Massaging Female Thigh With Elbow.Woman enjoying massage.


Stone therapy. Massage with hot basalt stones. Spa treatment. Beautiful charming light.

Shelly is qualified in; Sports Massage, Hot Stones Massage & Body Massage. Appointments available next week.

Maria is qualified in; Sports Massage, Swedish Massage & Thai Yoga Massage. She has appointments available Saturday 10AM until 4PM.

Rachael is qualified in Sports Massage & Sports Therapy.

Kerry is available for Acupuncture clinics once a month. Next one is Tuesday 12th December appointments available at; 1PM & 2PM.